Books of the Bible

The books shown below are all 66 books of the bible. This is a new section for this site whereas the books below with the hot links activated (those highlighted in blue), have a similar description for each verse as does the book of Revelation. However, not all books have been completed and those will be shown, but with no hot link for selection. This will be an ongoing project until completion so check back often for updates

NOTE: I've had many requests for Psalms and it was scheduled to be done last
after all of the other books were done, I've decided to do this in sections. After each
book which is scheduled (see below), I will do another 20 books of the Psalms.
This last update of Psalms 101-120 has been put on-line on 4/22/16. Now the current Book
being worked on is Leviticus which should be finished around early to mid May of 2016.

All updates will be put here until the completion of all books.

I'm Currently Working on Leviticus , Which will be finished Approximately early to mid May

The Next Book will be 20 more Psalms (121-140), then the Book of Numbers, and then the last 10 chapters of the Book of Psalms, 141-150).

Only Those With Blue "Hotlinks" Are Active At This Time

OLD TESTAMENT Esther Nahum Philippians
Genesis Job Habakkuk Colossians
Exodus Psalms (Through Psalm 120) Zephaniah 1 Thessalonians
Leviticus Proverbs Haggai 2 Thessalonians
Numbers Ecclesiastes Zechariah 1 Timothy
Deuteronomy Song of Solomon Malachi 2 Timothy
Joshua Isaiah NEW TESTAMENT Titus
Judges Jeremiah Matthew Philemon
Ruth Lamentations Mark Hebrews
1 Samuel Ezekiel Luke James
2 Samuel Daniel John 1 Peter
1 Kings Hosea Acts 2 Peter
2 Kings Joel Romans 1 John
1 Chronicles Amos 1 Corinthians 2 John
2 Chronicles Obadiah 2 Corinthians 3 John
Ezra Jonah Galatians Jude
Nehemiah Micah Ephesians Revelation

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